Sungai Penuh

Sungai Penuh, the capital of Kerinci, has a number of small hotels, which are all fairly basic with rooms between roughly Rp. 60,000 and 250,000. None of the hotels has air conditioning although this is a luxury not really needed in the moderate climate of Kerinci. Only a few of the more expensive hotels have showers with hot water. Most hotels are family-run and very friendly but don't expect professional service. Expect the room boy walk into your room with a burning cigarette in his mouth, and if you want cold drinks order them well in advance!
At that botom end there is a choice of a few very basic hotels including Hotel Anak Gunung, Hotel Kayu Manis, and Hotel Matahari. Slightly more expensive is the grotty Masgo Kencana. Hotel Busana is a bit rundown and also outside of town but it's not too expensive and friendly. The better hotels include the old Hotel Yani at Jl. Muradi, the new Hotel Aroma, and the Hotel Jaya Wisata that are all conveniently located in the town centre. The Jaya Wisata at Jl. Maratadinata has recently opened with rooms from 125,000 - 250,000. The more expensive rooms have showers with hot water and a small television. The best hotel is the new Hotel Mahkota that is located at about 1km from the city center on the road to Kumun.


Jl. Muradi No. 1

(62-748) 21409


Jl. Depati Parbo

 (62-748) 21122


(62-748) 21142


Jl. Ahmad Yani 20

(62-748) 21061

Kayu Manis

Jl. Martadinata 5

Masgo Kencana

Jl. Depati Parbo 20

(62-748) 323603

Hotel Mahkota Jl. Depati Parbo (62-748) 21640
Jaya Wisata Jl. Martadinata  


Accommodation in Kersiktua, the base to climb Gunung Kerinci, is very basic, and also very inexpensive. The list below was compiled several years ago and may be inaccurate by now:


Jl. Raya Kayu Aro

(+62-748) 357009


Jl. Raya Kayu Aro



Jl. Raya Kayu Aro



Jl. Raya Kayu Aro



Jl. Raya Kayu Aro


Lake Kerinci

In Tanjung Batu, close to Sanggaran Agung, there is a smalland inexpensive home stay called Taman Hussein.